Planning a Gender Reveal Party

A gender reveal party is a fun way to share the excitement of your pregnancy with family members and friends. Planning a gender reveal party, however, can be tricky depending on who you want to be surprised, especially if you want to be surprised yourself. With some careful planning and a good accomplice, you can pull off a fabulous party that truly celebrates the child you will be welcoming.Who Will Be Surprised?When you plan a gender reveal party, the first consideration is who you hope to surprise when you discover if the baby is a boy or a girl. If you just want to surprise family members and friends, the planning is less complicated. If you want to be surprised, however, you will need to enlist the help of a close family member or friend who won’t let the secret slip as the planning is underway. Your doctor can help keep the secret by putting the baby’s gender in a sealed envelope you can give to your helper, or you may give the doctor permission to share the secret in person. You might also present that sealed envelope to a baker to create a gender-revealing treat, or otherwise make arrangements for the secret to stay safe even while you plan the party.

Planning the Party

Planning a gender reveal party is similar to planning any fun gathering, and you still need to cover all the basics, including…

  • Party Date
    Gender can generally be determined at 18-20 weeks’ gestation, but if the baby is positioned awkwardly it may be difficult to be positive. The best date for a gender reveal party will leave time for a follow-up ultrasound if needed to be certain you reveal the correct gender.
  • Location
    Most gender reveal parties are casual, relaxed affairs. A backyard barbecue, a garden party or another casual venue is often best, or you can use a local restaurant, a friend’s home or small rental space such as a church hall.
  • Decorations
    Colors may be neutral or highlight both genders in anticipation of the reveal. Yellow, green or white are good neutral options, or use pink and blue equally with linens, tableware, streamers, flowers or other decorations. Buggies, bottles, baby animals and other themes are popular decorations as well.
  • Menu
    The party’s menu is completely up to you and anything goes, from a summer barbecue to a delicious brunch to a spread of amazing appetizers or desserts. Consider foods in fun baby colors to add to the exciting theme.
  • Gender Guesses
    It can be fun for your guests to predict the outcome of the reveal as they wait for the big moment. Consider a chalkboard tote board of predictions, using colored candies dropped into jars or even “raffle” tickets to win a prize for predicting the gender correctly.

The Big Reveal

When it is time to make the gender reveal announcement, there are many creative ways to let your guests – and you! – know if you are having a boy or a girl. Popular options include…

  • Sweet Treats
    A baker can craft a cake with pink or blue filling (or filled cupcakes, cookies or cake pops) you cut into in order to reveal your baby’s gender. Be sure to request neutral frosting that won’t give away any hints too early!
  • Balloon Box
    Helium-filled balloons from Taylor Rental Center in Berkeley Heights in pink or blue can be enclosed in a box for you to open at the right moment. Be sure the balloon strings are securely fastened to the box, however, and wrap the box in neutral colors for an attractive display as you wait.
  • The Best Present
    If you’ve enlisted a friend to keep the secret, they can put together a gift for you to unwrap and reveal whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl. A pair of booties, a gender-specific outfit or a teddy bear in an appropriate color can be a fun way to announce your baby’s gender.
  • Confetti Piñata
    Announce your baby’s gender with a bang when you break a piñata to reveal the surprise. A question-marked piñata, or a fun baby shape such as a buggy or bottle, can easily be filled with colored confetti, ribbons and streamers. Colorful candy can also make your special announcement.
  • Smoke Signals
    Colored flares, smoke bombs or even sparklers can be bold, energetic ways to tell a crowd whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Be sure any wrappers or surfaces are neutral so you don’t give away clues before lighting the fuse.
  • Balloon Pops
    Popping a balloon filled with confetti or paint can be a great way to reveal your baby’s gender. The balloon could be above the expectant parents, or paint-filled balloons could be fastened to a canvas for guests to pop with darts, not only announcing the gender but creating unique art for the baby’s nursery.
  • Balloon Drop
    For a less messy but still fun balloon option, arrange a balloon drop. A plain sheet can be decorated with question marks or baby symbols and suspended in a gazebo or from any ceiling, then filled with pink or blue balloons. At the big moment, the balloons are released and the surprise is announced.
  • Silly String
    Have a little silly fun and use silly string for your gender reveal. String is available in pink or blue, and using plain covers over the cans will hide the selection from your guests. At the right time, the happy couple – or the whole crowd – gets sprayed to show the color and announce the baby’s gender.
  • Magic Bonfire
    A toasty bonfire or fire pit is a great focal point for a party during cool weather, and the addition of some harmless chemicals can change the fire’s color to pink or blue to let your guests know whether you’re expecting a boy or girl.

Capture the Moment

Don’t forget the most important part of a gender reveal party – a plan to capture the moment as either you or your guests realize your baby’s gender. If you will be surprised, enlist an accomplice or even hire a photographer to snap photos of your reaction, or you may want to record the reactions of prospective grandparents or other guests.

A gender reveal party is about much more than just learning your baby’s gender. It’s a great way to share your pregnancy with family and friends, have fun before the stresses of parenthood begin, and start great family memories you’ll cherish as you watch your child grow into the wonderful person they will become.

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