Renting is perfect for spring projects

As the weather gets warmer and winter’s ice and snow fades into chilly memory, we begin to think about opening the house up and doing our spring cleaning. With all of the warm summer months ahead of us and all of the projects we like to accomplish, wouldn’t it be nice to still find the time to enjoy the beautiful weather? Renting the equipment you need to accomplish your spring projects and cleanup will ensure that you’ll have exactly the right tools for the job. You also have the expert advice on getting things done quickly and safely.

Whether you need to clean up indoors, outdoors, or get your yard in shape, we’ve got you covered:

Freshening up indoors

Once it’s warm enough to open up the doors and windows, rent a steam cleaner for a deep, thorough carpet cleaning. You’ll be amazed at what a professional steam cleaner can pick up. For wood flooring, a rented buffer can rejuvenate your floor; removing scuffs and scratches, making it looked brand-new.


Sprucing up the outside

A pressure washer will quickly remove the dirt, grime, and mildew from the outside of your house. It’s also the perfect tool for cleaning your deck, patio and driveway.

Once you’ve cleaned your deck, siding or fence and find that the time has come for a new coat of paint or stain, renting a paint sprayer can cut your time and in half or even  more –and with professional results.

Lawn and garden needs

If you have downed trees or just want to clean up some brush, a chipper will turn all of that debris into useful mulch that can benefit your landscaping. For larger trees and shrubs, chainsaws and tree trimmers are available to rent as well.

Want to get a head start on a beautiful lawn? Begin by renting a de-thatcher (also known as a power rake) to remove the old thatch (dead grass, leaves and stems) that are choking out your lawn. Follow that with an aerator, which will incorporate holes into your lawn, allowing water, air and nutrients to more easily reach your lawn’s root system. As your grass flourishes, rent and edger to finish your lawn’s manicure.

If you want to give your shovel (and your back) a rest, rent a roto-tiller to handle your garden or to prepare an area for your landscaping. If you just need to dig, a power auger is the perfect tool to dig holes for fence posts and deck footings.

Renting the tools you need for your spring projects is extremely efficient and cost-effective. You’ll be using better quality equipment at a fraction of the cost over purchasing, plus you won’t have to store or maintain any of it. That translates into extra storage space in your shed or garage. Once you figure in the added value of expert advice, you’ll see that you’ve got a combination that is hard to beat.powerwashing

Getting Your Lawn In Shape This Spring

lawn-careAs you’re looking out your window, coffee cup in hand and all you see is snow I can understand that it must be hard to think about spring and your lawn. Yet, no matter how many feet of snow are still left, you should start giving some thought about getting your lawn into shape this spring. Like all good things, it takes time and preparation to truly see results. If a lawn is not properly prepared for spring, it can lead to poor health of the lawn causing an influx of weeds, brown spots, and even pests. Have no fear; getting your lawn into shape is easier than it sounds.

Once the snow clears, start by raking and mulching any leaves in the yard. Simply remove the bulk of the leaves using the mulch function on your lawnmower or rake. Leave about a quarter-inch of mulch to give your lawn a boost by allowing the mulch to compost and provide organic nutrients to your lawn.

The next step is adding a thick layer of mulch around the base of your garden, shrubs, trees, and other plants around your yard. During this weird time of the year where temperatures can frequently change from cold to warm and visa versa, mulch will help regulate temperature soil protecting your plants and allowing them to continue to grow. This is great if you have emerging bulbs and perennials looking to sprout and thrive. Mulch will also help with retaining moisture, deterring weeds, and increasing the number of beneficial soil microorganisms within the dirt. There are various types of mulch to choose from. Feel free to use the leaf mulch from your lawn, compost, or tree bark.

Next, walk though your lawn and re-seed any dead spots. Make sure to cover the spot with compost or fertilizer, and water frequently to help with new growth. New grass can be tough to maintain if proper attention is not given. Be on the lookout for dead limbs and weeds around your lawn. Prune back anything that seems dead and apply weed control to keep new weeds from forming in your lawn as temperatures slowly rise through the season.

The final step in preparation for spring is aerating your lawn. Lawn aeration is key to making your lawn healthy and green. Aerating your lawn will make little holes in the lawn so that oxygen gets to the roots of the soil allowing it to breathe. This will allow organic fertilizers and nutrients to gain access to the root system of the lawn. It will also loosen up compact soil allowing the root system to grow and increase water absorption. You may also utilize a soil conditioner to further enhance the growth of your lawn. Don’t forget to check any irrigation systems and equipment needed for your lawn. Replace anything that may be broken so that you’re always fully prepared.

Thinking about spring and your lawn is only the beginning. However, following the steps and tips described above will make everything easier down the road. Once the foundation is set, test the soil and pH of your lawn to determine if it’s ready for fertilizer and start thinking about adding new plants and excitement to your yard. The early bird always gets the worm, and in your case early preparation will always bring a greener and healthier lawn.

Spring Maintenance: What Equipment to Rent for After the Snow Melts

A blanket of snow may be pretty to look at, but what is it covering up? The harsh winter weather takes a toll on the exterior of homes and yards, while much of the damage and debris is hidden until spring. Once the snow melts and the moderate temperatures are upon us again, it is a good time to take a walk around the property. Grab your jacket and a clipboard, if you’d like, before heading out for your stroll. Below, we’ll discuss what to look for on your spring maintenance walkabout.Start at the top
Your roof is the most abused part of your house during the winter. Don’t worry about climbing, though. Check for obvious things like leaks from the attic. Otherwise, take that pair of binoculars and see if anything looks amiss. Search for cracked, crooked or missing shingles. Nail pops usually are indicated by a shingle tab being pushed up by the head of the nail below. The shingle tab will give a slightly raised “eyebrow” appearance from below. Water is likely to seep around the raised nail. If anything looks damaged, it should be addressed. Fixes on your roof require products that you may not use year round. Renting these items can save you both time and money in the long run.Other things that should be checked are the gutters and chimney(s) which may have suffered damages during the long winter months.

All four sides

Is there any damage to your siding? Look all around the outside of your home, especially under the
eaves and near gutter downspouts. Look for signs of water staining which will indicate a leak from above. For wood siding, check for popped nails and knot-holes. These and any other openings will only provide easy access for bugs and other pests that will want to move in.

If the outside of your home is looking neglected, rent a pressure washer to make this spring project a bit quicker. Just be sure to stop in and chat with us before taking on this project so we can make suggestions on just the right amount of pressure that you’ll need. A pressure washer can also come in handy because it can help spruce up your driveway and wooden deck.

Your outdoor spaces
The freezing and thawing of water, as well as salt can be hard on driveways and sidewalks. Take a look and address any holes or cracks that have occurred. If your concrete looks to be in good shape, it still may be a good idea to apply a fresh coat of sealant to keep moisture at bay.

Any exposed outdoor wood structures like decks, privacy fencing and latticework should be inspected for damage. Look for warping, popped nails and loose boards. Does your deck only need a washing or is it time for stain/sealer?

Take a look at your shrubbery and trees. Remove any broken or fallen branches and allow for the new growth. It’s also good to note that during the early spring, while little has grown back yet, it’s the best time to plan any changes you like to make with your landscaping. Sketch things out now, so that when the warmer weather hits and the ground thaws, you are ready to start digging.

Although it may seem like you may have a lot of work to do before the spring sets in, don’t worry, we are here as a resource to you. Feel free to give us a call or visit our website to shoot us an email with any questions you may have.

How to Use a Snow Blower Effectively

That pile of snow outside your window may be staring at you, begging you to clean it up, but before you put a snow blower to work, make sure you know how to use it properly and safely. You should give this handy piece of equipment the same level of respect regarding safety that you would a lawn mower and weed whacker. Just because a snow blower pushes around white fluffy stuff instead of cutting blades of grass and plants does not mean it cannot harm you.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons reported that several thousands of people each year suffer injuries every year due to snow blower related incidents. These injuries typically occur when snow blower operators attempt to clear the discharge chute with their hands instead of the proper tools. People tend to forget that sometimes the blades may still be moving even after the machine is turned off.

One important, albeit obvious, safety tip to remember when using a snow blower is to watch where you aim when the machine is in use.  If snow is shooting towards your house, you could damage your home or break a window. Remember that not all snow is soft and fluffy; where the snow is blown is very important in terms of keeping objects and people safe.  Be sure to thoroughly inspect the area before use and do not operate around small children or animals. Always work in the daylight to avoid hitting obstructions.

To prepare the snow blower, be sure to read through the user manual and to check the condition of the snow blower before using it. You want to make sure it is completely fueled and check the oil.  Double check that all your clothes are tucked to avoid getting caught in the blower, and keep an eye out for ongoing traffic.

When snow blowing your yard or driveway, blow the snow in the direction of the wind, never against it. This will ensure that you do not have to keep doing the same areas. Before blowing the snow, consider where all the snow will be piled up. Over time this can really add up, so avoid making huge mounds that can cause problems in the future. Such problems that may occur include blocking the ability to see street traffic, potential hazards for people to fall, difficulty walking around the street or sidewalk, and flooding when the snow begins to melt.  To help avoid these problems, develop a pattern when using your snow blower. You want to create an efficient pattern to clear the snow to help reduce time and the amounts of times you blow your snow.

Using a snow blower effectively is quite simple. It just requires a detail oriented mind and the proper safety precautions. Remember to leave the shoveling for after the snow blower has done the bulk of the work. And always feel free to ask the experts at your rental center if you have any questions about a snow blower.

Rent What You Need To Make Your Next Tailgate Party A Blast

For most, it happens every fall and lasts through the winter. For others, the fun never ends. They usually occur before football, hockey, baseball, or any one of your favorite sports games. Tailgating began as a social hangout behind cars coupled with good friends, food, and beverages. Some are larger than others, but whether big or small, you are always in for a good time.Throwing a tailgate party is great, but it requires the proper preparation. Essentially you are throwing a catered party, except this time it is outside. It sounds easy but its not. Depending on the size of the tailgate party and the number of people expected to attend, there is a lot to consider in terms of equipment like generators, chairs, tables, trash cans, and tents.  Remember it is a party so there can be a lot to account for besides food and people attending. If you are the kind of person that loves to tailgate, but not all the time or maybe just seasonal, then renting the equipment you need is the way to go. Buying chairs, tables, generators, grills, and even outdoor televisions can get expensive. That is why you should prepare in advance by renting everything you need to save money. Let’s face it, tailgating is fun, but it is not always cheap. Save money where you can so you are able to afford seats that are closer to the sideline at the next game.tailgating

To begin, every great tailgating party starts with a grill. Rent a grill that’s large enough to feed the crowd, but also easy to move. After all, the food you provide is one of the main features of your tailgating party.  Be sure to rent enough tables and chairs too. Tables are important because you need to have room for the bar and food. I know what you are thinking, what is with chairs? Tailgate parties are traditionally stand-up affairs, but you do want to have some space for conversation areas and for guests who may not be able to stand for long periods of time.  Like every party, you can never have enough food or beverages.  However, when you are indoors or in the comfort of your own home, you do not have to worry about dishes or places to store the food and beverages. Rent enough coolers so that you can store raw food, drinks, and plenty of ice. No one enjoys warm beer before a game, not even on the coldest of days. Other items to consider renting: canopies to cover your food (or guests), cocktail tables for guests to stand around, a portable bar, super cooler to keep that Keg cold, china and glassware for your upscale events, and even candelabras to decorate the center of your table. At Taylor Rental, we have cornhole toss game, a tailgating sound system for music, linen tableclothes for decorating, balloons, paper goods, trash cans to rent and disposable flatware and glassware.

The truth is, tailgating is fun, but its tough to store and maintain all of the things you need to make your tailgate party a blast. The extra equipment can be expensive and a lot to deal with when you are not using it.  Renting what you need for your tailgating parties can not only help you throw the best party in the parking lot, but it can save you money!

Rent the Tools You Need To Get Your Spring Cleaning Complete

power washerThe temperatures are beginning to creep back up and that means it is time to think about Spring Cleaning. Spring cleaning is that old fashioned tradition that allows us to get a head start on the seasons of spring and summer by cleaning our houses, prepping our gardens, and getting rid of the clutter that built up over the winter. It’s the time of the year where you clean out your closet to donate to Goodwill and you say good bye to items that you either no longer need or just don’t use anymore. Keep in mind spring cleaning is different for everyone. For some, it’s as simple as scrubbing the house clean and for others it’s a time to go all out and really tackle those projects that you want to get done after the snow melts.

Whether you’re cleaning out your closet, or cleaning out your garage, I recommend renting the tools you need to get your spring cleaning complete. Here are a few examples of tools that you can rent to help you get going.

The first is a ladder. It may sound surprising, but most people do not own their own ladder. Especially the type of ladder that’s going to help you reach that high ceiling fan in your living room. You know what I’m talking about! No one wants to see the dust fly of the top of those blades when it comes time to turn that baby back on this spring. In addition to cleaning, a ladder is a necessity for helping you reach areas of your home that you couldn’t otherwise. If you’re re-painting your shutters or trying to clean your gutters, you’re going to need to rent a ladder to get the job done.

Another tool that I find really helpful to rent to get my spring cleaning complete is a pressure washer. If you are looking to get rid of all the salt and snow damage in your driveway then a pressure washer is for you. A pressure washer can help you clean and strip away impurities that have built up around your home. It’ll also come in handy for other areas such as your patio if you are looking to give it a fresh coat of paint or stain, cleaning your grill, the siding on your house, and of course your patio furniture.

Other items you can potentially rent include gardening equipment like aerators, thatchers, edgers to clean up that garden and roto tillers.

Renting these tools will save you time, space, and money so you can focus on the things that matter most to you this spring and summer. Don’t waste time and wait until the last minute to get the job done. Start planning ahead and contact your local rental dealer to rent everything you need to get your spring cleaning done today.

Make Your Fundraiser a Splash with a Dunk Tank

Fundraising for any cause can be an arduous task.  It involves a lot of organization and a lot of time.  But all the hard work needs to be hidden from the final product, because when it comes down to the actual fundraising event…it should be all fun and games!  You want your supporters and sponsors to feel good about opening up their wallets.  From their perspective, the event should just be a good time that allows them to give to a good cause.  A dunk tank is an easy addition to any fund raising event.  Like no other activity, a dunk tank can save an event from being “too businessy” – and turn it into the cheeky celebration that people don’t mind digging into their pockets for.

Renting a dunk tank is almost guaranteed to set the right mood for your event, and if you charge to play, you can easily turn it into a profitable investment!  It’s super simple, too!  Event planning has enough headaches; so let Taylor Rental Center take care of this one thing on your long list.  Just add water!  Once your dunk tank is set up, you wont have to do much.  People are familiar with the concept and will naturally line up to test their throwing skills.  You only need a couple people to help run it: one to collect money or tickets and another daring person to walk the plank!

The most successful dunk tank stands take one of two approaches. One strategy is to put someone in the tank that everyone wants to dunk.  Often a boss or teacher, people will certainly pay for a shot at embarrassing any authority figure, especially in the name of a good cause.  The other strategy is to put the most clever and quick witted person you know in the hot seat.  This is fun because they can use their silver tongue to taunt people into participating.  A little light ribbing is always good motivation to get involved.  And there are never any hard feelings when everyone is working toward a common goal.  Of course, if you can combine these strategies you’ll do very well.  It’s too bad that bosses are almost never the most clever person you know!

Another option is to create a line-up of people to be in the dunk tank.  If you do this, make sure the line-up schedule is clearly posted so that patrons can see when the person they most want to dunk will be on the stand.  Stop by Taylor Rental Center to make this easy addition to your fundraiser.


Transform an Unfinished Room in Your Home This Winter


Having thoughts of transforming that empty attic or basement into something useful this year? Turn the extra time you are forced to spend indoors this winter tackling the project. Research shows, you won’t regret it. The average size of the American home has only grown over the past few decades (more than doubling since the 1950s); we are seeing more and more current homeowners looking to maximize their existing space without the trouble of building an entire addition.

Your wallet will be thanking you in the long run, too. Not only will your family benefit from the short-term use of a new playroom, home office or media center,  but surveys have shown that you can expect much of the cost of these projects to be returned to you when the time comes to sell. In fact, research conducted by the Concrete Network indicates that a finished basement follows kitchen and bathroom renovations as the next largest return on your home improvement investment.

Our staff is here to help your plans come to fruition with professional advice and the tools you will need to complete your project. You will find that with the help of our rental equipment, a few friends or family members and a little bit of sweat, many of these projects are within your capacity to complete – no need to hire an expensive architect and his team!

First, sit down with your entire family to decide the best way to use this space. Many families opt to turn an unfinished basement into a kid-friendly zone. While your children are younger, an unfinished basement may be appealing, as no amount of mess will really damage the space. We often find, however, that families with teenagers look to transform a downstairs room into a hangout spot; these spaces, while still under your watch, are the perfect place to mute that newly formed punk band or chatty sleepover. Your intended purpose for the space will result in certain material choices – come to us for the tools you’ll need to install carpeting, wood flooring or tiling.

Others opt for a more multipurpose space, such as a combination home office and gym. In this case, you may be looking to put up some walls (as many basements are merely a large, open room). We can help you out here as well, be it from a nailer to put up walls, to a drywall lift to help with ceilings.

Finally, many homeowners often consider the storage space they might lose when making this sort of transformation. We say that there is no shortage of creative ways to store what may be currently lying in a heap downstairs. Even if you are not ready for a full remodel, you may want consider organizing and sprucing up the vacant space by adding some shelving and storage units. We also offer a variety of different saws that can help you accomplish these sorts of organizational goals.

In short, one of the best reasons to transform your basement or attic this winter is that these spaces are literally blank canvases when it comes to your creative side, as well as your family’s needs. Take the time to come up with your plan; our staff is here to help you make it a reality this year!

Home Repair Rip Offs

When the do-it-yourselfer becomes the direct-it-yourselfer and hires a contractor for the job, the price tag can get even bigger.  Unfortunately, so can the risk.

According to the Better Business Bureau, (BBB) complaints against General Contractors rank as one of the top ten complaints tracked. And, if BBB grievances against General Contractors are added to those involving similar home improvement trades, they easily surpass Automobile Dealers as the number one source of consumer complaints in America today.

Finding a reputable contractor to take your place from house to home to castle may not be easy. To make sure your dream project doesn’t become a nightmare, the extra effort is worth it. Here’s what to watch out for:

INACCESSIBILITY: Communication is a weak point for many home improvement pros. But keeping you posted on job progress and being available to answer your questions is the mark of a real professional. If you have to leave several messages with a contractor to get a returned call, consider it a red flag and stay away.

UP SELLING: If you’ve asked a contractor come to your house about water damage, don’t let him talk you into a deck. Make sure he follows through on the task at hand first.

HARD SELL: If a contractor tells you his price is good for “today only”, keep looking.  A good deal today should be a good deal tomorrow.

DOOR-TO-DOOR SALESMEN: Uninvited contractors that work neighborhoods offering to seal driveways or power wash roofs may not have your best interest in mind. Consider them uninvited pests.

PANIC PEDDLERS: Panic peddling is a common home improvement scam, especially when safety is involved. Chimney sweeps, for example, are famous for advertising a low cost chimney cleaning service to get their foot in your door. After a brief “inspection”, they’ll invariably find a fatal flaw in your chimney, which requires thousands of dollars of their services to fix. If a contractor tries this one on you, asks him to leave and get a second opinion from someone without a repair to sell, like a professional home inspector.

PAYMENT POLICIES: Contractors who call for cash up front, especially full payment, should be avoided like the plague. A small down payment is reasonable with future payments based on progress made on your project.

“NET” WORTH: Many manufacturers’ websites from flooring to bathroom fixtures – will give you exact model or design numbers with prices. By checking these out, you can specify the exact product you expect to be installed and avoid the risk of contractors utilizing low-cost substitutions.

If you have signed a contract – after reading it word for word – and then had second thoughts, there’s still hope. According to the Federal Trade Commission’s “Cooling Off Rule”, you may still have 72 hours to cancel the contract without penalty.


This article is owned by True Value and was reprinted on this site with their permission.

Rent What you Need for Your New Year’s Eve Celebration



“Auld Lang Syne” will soon be heard everywhere you go. It’s getting close to that time of year again when we celebrate the successful end of one year and give a hopeful toast to the year to come. If you’re thinking of throwing a party this New Year’s Eve, there are many ways to make your party more memorable and much easier if you were to rent what you needed. Many people spend hundreds of dollars to go out on the town for the night and celebrate, but by renting and hosting your own party at home (or a venue of your choosing), you can make the night an even more special time, as you ring in the New Year with family and friends.

Here’s another bonus to hosting your own celebration:  You won’t need to search for one of the rarest things on New Year’s Eve… a babysitter. You can make your party “family friendly” and rent a variety of things to keep the kids entertained. Depending on your climate, even inflatables could be rented.

Here are just some of the items you can rent to make your New Year’s Eve celebration that much better:

  • Tents are a viable option no matter where you live. They can be used effectively all year around. Having your celebration outdoors can be accomplished in comfort with available patio and tent heaters.
  • Tables and chairs are available to rent no matter what size event you are planning.
  • Tableware, glassware, flatware and linens, all coordinated to match your décor will make your party look like it was catered by pros!
  • Don’t forget the lights! Nothing sets the mood, whether indoors or out, like bright, festive lighting.
  • Don’t forget the audio and video equipment you need to make your celebration sound as great as it looks.
  • Want to create a real festive atmosphere? Consider a Bar for serving your favorite beverages.  Popcorn, Soda and other concession machines are available too — even Cotton Candy for the kids!

Here are a few additional tips to that will help make your New Year’s Party a huge success:

  • If you are holding the party at your home, be sure to have plenty of parking for your guests.
  • Consider having a guest room ready or some other space for sleeping (especially if there will be a pajama party for the kids).
  • Have the phone number for your local cab company nearby to ensure your guests make it home safely, if needed.
  • Remember, the party will be going on much later than your average gathering, so don’t have it begin too early. You don’t want your guests to run out of things to do or eat before the magic hour.
  • Consider a theme, such as Hollywood Glamour, Roaring Twenties, or Rockin’ Fifties.
  • Make your guests feel like they’re at Times Square by renting a video projector and huge projection screen. As the big ball drops at midnight, it will be the next best thing to being there!
  • For kids and adults alike, a Karaoke machine will keep everyone lively and singing all night long.
  • Planning a company party? Give us a call and we can help with all of your rental needs.

By renting for your New Year’s Eve party, you’ll be able to have a safe and memorable start to the upcoming New Year.  Who knows, you may just be starting a New Year’s tradition of your own.