Taylor Rental/Penske Truck Rentals

Your truck rental headquarters

Taylor Rental is one of the newest Penske Truck Rental Distributors in Union County. Open from 8 am-5 p.m. Monday through Saturday – and available for Sunday truck drop off – Taylor Rental offers three different sizes of reliable, easy-to-drive trucks – 12-foot box truck, 16-foot box truck and 26-foot diesel moving truck. Taylor Rental also offers specialized moving equipment – hand trucks or appliance dollies, four-wheel moving dollies and furniture pads. Taylor Rental also sells a full line of premium quality boxes, packing tape, newsprint wrapping paper, and bubble wrap. Reservations can be made at www.Penske.com. Reservations can also be made locally by calling 908 464-9111.

Moving Tips

Make your reservation well in advance
To ensure the best availability for your truck rental, make your reservation with Penske Truck Rental as far in advance of your move date as possible.

Best rates and availability
For our best truck rates and availability, reserve your truck midweek (Sunday through Thursday). Truck availability is highest from early to mid-month.

Select the right truck size and moving equipment
Visit Penske.com to select the correct truck to move your entire household in one or two trips and avoid extra time, additional mileage charges and fuel usage. Don’t forget to include moving equipment with your truck rental. Hand trucks and moving pads help make your move easier and protect your possessions.

Buy quality moving boxes and supplies and don’t pack your valuable possessions in used, dirty boxes. Invest some of the savings from doing the job yourself into doing the job right. Contact Taylor Rental for availability of high-quality boxes and moving supplies.

Storage Before or After Your Move
If you need a place to store your belongings either temporarily or long term, self storage is an excellent option for you! Taylor Rental has teamed up with Hampshire Self Storage in Berkeley Heights to provide you service and convenience. Ask about our one month free rent promotion. Or call 908 219-6026 and mention Taylor Rental.

Recruit moving help
Give friends and family plenty of advance notice prior to moving day. Plan and organize your move ahead of time and have everything packed and ready to load before helpers arrive. And keep your moving crew happy with snacks and refreshments.

Drive safely
Safe driving is your responsibility. Here are some helpful reminders:

Be careful when backing up!

  • Avoid this if possible. If you must have someone guide you.
  • Never back up with towing equipment.

Watch those sharp turns!

  • Trucks are longer and wider and need more turning area than cars.
  • Always use your turn signal.

Allow greater following distances!

  • Brake early and don’t tailgate.
  • Allow at least five vehicle lengths between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

Watch Overhead Clearances!

  • Allow for at least 14 ft. of overhead clearance.
  • Beware of low canopies, overpasses, bridges, drive-thru’s, tree branches, parking garages and signs prohibiting truck traffic.

Contact your insurance agent about truck rental coverage
Many personal auto insurance policies and major credit cards do not provide coverage against rental truck theft or damage. Call your agent to verify your coverage, and get more information on optional protection plans and waivers offered by PenskeTruck Rental. You can also review our protection plans online.